Department of OBGYN


  • What criteria does the program have for residency selection?  All applications undergo a holistic review. We value a track record of academic performance, leadership, advocacy, and teamwork.  We seek individuals committed to providing patient-centered and culturally competent care. 

  • Does the program use USMLE/COMLEX score cutoffs in the review of applications? No, each application is reviewed in its entirety, and decisions are made on a variety of factors.

  • Is the program DO-friendly?  Yes, we perform a holistic review of all applications.

  • Do you accept international medical graduates as residents?  Yes as we are looking for the most capable residents available. All applicants are reviewed by our Admissions Committee. However, for international medical graduates to be eligible for our program, they must have satisfactorily completed 12 months of training in an ACGME-accredited program.

  • How does the program prepare residents for fellowships?  We have a robust fellowship presence offering REI, Gyn Onc, MIGS, MFM, Repro ID, Urogyn, and CFP.  Residents rotate through each of these subspecialties and work both in ORs and clinics with the fellows and attendings. There is a large amount of support for research. Our graduating classes are typically 50/50, generalist and fellowship.

  • Do residents have any opportunities to participate in gender-affirming surgeries and care?  Yes, procedures are performed by some of the attendings at Magee in addition to other opportunities provided to you during elective rotations. 

  • What are the residents' favorite parts of living in Pittsburgh?  The brewery scene, sports teams/sports pride, 4 seasons, cost of living is amazing, lots of hiking nearby, many opportunities for outdoor activities, and the food scene is amazing!

  • What is the best part of being a Magee resident? The people, the people, the people!  We love being at one hospital and love our nursing staff, fellows, and co-residents. Our faculty have a completely open-door policy and are so much fun to learn from. We also love the volume and variety of patients and people we take care of and cannot emphasize enough how high volume we are which is amazing for learning.

  • Do you pay for parking?  There is a secure, designated parking garage across the street from the hospital, and rates are discounted via payroll deduction and are very reasonable!

  • Do interns operate?  Yes, our interns hit the ground running!  

  • Do you get to learn forceps and breech extractions?  Yes, we have so many attendings and faculty who teach forceps here at Magee and the residents have no issues getting operative delivery numbers.

  • Please share more about your Family Planning curriculum.  As an intern and as a third-year resident, you have designated Family Planning rotations. In the state of Pennsylvania, abortions up to 23/6 are legal, and being a Ryan program, we have plenty of opportunities.  We are an opt-out program and residents do as much or as little as they are comfortable with. There are also weekly Ryan didactics and modules, Planned Parenthood office sessions helping with procedures, ultrasounds, annuals, birth control counseling, etc. You also do complex birth control counseling and implementation in IUD clinics and learn IUD/Nexplanon placement and removal, especially in complex cases. 

  • Is there a support system for resident partners?  Yes!  "Our residents' partners are amazing, very supportive, and an awesome group to hang out with," as stated by one of the current resident's spouses.