Department of OBGYN

Reproductive Genetics and Genomics

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The Division of Reproductive Genetics and Genomics provides clinical evaluation and genetic counseling to men and women with genetic/genomic disorders, including preconceptional, prenatal, adult and cancer cases. The division is also involved in the diagnosis and management of fetal structural birth defects through the Center for Advanced Fetal Diagnostics. The division offers cutting edge genetic/genomic (microarrays, next generation and whole exome sequencing) testing and result interpretation. Another important mission of our division is to provide education to medical students, residents, genetic counselors and various subspecialty fellows including medical genetic residents, pathologists and maternal fetal-medicine fellows.

Research within the division encompasses a number of important topics including:

  • Non-invasive methods for fetal genomic diagnoses
  • Development of algorithms for whole genome analyses, mechanisms of cancer predisposition
  • Etiology of recurrent pregnancy loss and aneuploidies
  • Genetics of premature ovarian failure, menopause, male infertility and leiomyomas
  • Utility and design of chromosomal microarrays for use on constitutional and cancer genetics