Department of OBGYN

Obstetric Specialties

Division Director - Dr. Susan Lareau

Meet Our Faculty and Fellow

The Division of Obstetric Specialties at Magee Womens Hospital (MWH) is currently comprised of 17+ members from the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences and provides a diversity of obstetric (and gynecologic) services throughout the greater Pittsburgh region.  Plans are actively underway to expand our physician & nurse midwife complement of division members. The founding and continuing vision for the division is to provide excellence in clinical obstetric services to patients cared for by divisional members, as well as to the larger community of practicing obstetricians in the greater Pittsburgh area by establishment and maintenance of an obstetric hospitalist service.  In addition, the opportunity to enhance medical education for students and ob-gyn residents was and remains a fundamental divisional goal. The divisions providers are a primary educational group for medical students, residents and other trainees on the important topics of general obstetric practice as well as serving as role models in these disciplines as well. 

The division is made up of a diverse group of obstetric providers with varying areas of expertise.  Senior experienced and skilled clinicians combine with more junior academically-focused obstetric specialists to produce a robust group of dedicated and talented clinicians, educators, and investigators.  The services provided as well as the location for care provision are also quite diverse, ranging from outpatient general obstetrics delivered across the greater Pittsburgh region to inpatient hospitalist services that serve the entire community of obstetric providers currently practicing at MWH. The hospitalist services offered include both round the clock obstetric triage services in the MWH Womancare Birth Center triage unit that evaluates more than 15,500 women visits per year, as well as full-time laborist services in the birth center where close to 10,000 deliveries occur annually.  In addition, this division offers an Obstetric Hospitalist Training program and we are enrolling our second candidate in the summer of 2017.  The goals of this program are to train highly experienced obstetric hospitalists to be able to function in leadership positions either within the ever-expanding UPMC obstetrics programs or other obstetric hospitalist programs across the country.