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University of Pittsburgh Physicians
300 Halket Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-641-4220
Fax: 412-641-1133
jmr.jpg James M. Roberts , MD
Magee-Womens Research Institute
204 Craft Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-641-1426
Fax: 412-641-1503
Faculty Research Interests
1959-1962: Premed: University of Michigan

1962-1966: MD: University of Michigan

1966-1967: Internal Medicine: University of Michigan

1967-1971: Residency OB/GYN: University of Michigan

1973-1975: Cardiovascular Research Institute Postdoctoral Fellow: University of California at San Francisco
Research Interests
Our group is interested in adverse pregnancy outcomes. Most of our efforts have been directed at the pregnancy complication preeclampsia. Our studies include a diverse portfolio of research approaches. Thus, we perform mechanistic studies using cells tissues and animal models; clinical research, correlative and clinical trials; behavioral studies; epidemiological and health services studies, We are studying the acute and long range consequences of these disorders to mother and baby.
(Partial listing from a total of 249 peer reviewed articles and 82 chapters and reviews)

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Catov JM, Bodnar LM, Kip KE, Hubel C, Ness RB, Harger G, Roberts JM. Early pregnancy lipid concentrations and spontaneous preterm birth. American Journal Obstetrics & Gynecology. 2007; 197(6):610.e1-7, December
Grant Support
2 K12 HD43441-06 (Roberts, J.M.)
9/1/07 – 8/31/12 NIH/NICHD
Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health.

5 P01 HD30367-13 (Hubel, C.)
7/1/08 – 6/30/13 NIH/NICHD
Mechanisms of Preeclampsia: Impact of Obesity PI Project 3: Obesity: Factors involved in the genesis of preeclampsia; CoI Administrative Core and Data Core.

1 R01 AI071386-01A1 (Haggerty, C.) (Co-I) 7/1/06 – 6/30/10 NIH/NIAID
Infection, Inflammation, and Preeclampsia

1 R01 HL091094-01 (Powers, R.) (Co-I) 7/1/08 – 6/30/13 NIH/NHLBI
Mechanisms of Preeclampsia Risk with Obesity: Role of Elevated ADMA.

5 R01 HL076532-02 (Ness, R.) (Co-I) 8/15/05 – 7/31/10 NIH/NHLBI
Fetal Growth Restriction and Maternal Cardiovascular Risk.

5 R01 HD052732-02 (Simhan, H.) (Co-I) 5/1/06 – 2/28/11 NIH/NICHD
Nutrition and the Genetics of Prematurity.

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